I have been taking quite a few exterior shots this past week or two, and as you know, it’s been plenty warm. A pool spells temptation.

This week, I’m going to let you decide if you could take photos of these great pools and resist jumping in.

Many of these pool shots are taken during the evening. While midday is an ideal time to cool off in the pool, it’s generally not the best time for photographs unless there is a tree canopy, other shade or the surround isn’t reflective or white.

Take this Midway home above, for example. The home is bright white, but the surrounding pavers are darker and non-reflective. A polarizer helps me get more depth in the sky and water.

The other issue is capturing the pool in the context of the home, patios, and outdoor living spaces. Evening shots often work for that given that many of the spaces are specifically designed to be enjoyed in cool of the evening, like the one above with the fiery torch and the exterior lighting.

The apartment complex pool above got some extra drama from a gathering storm. By the time I finished my last shots the lightning exploded and I scampered to protect my gear from the rain. The gorgeous sky made any bother worth it.

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