Today two large cartons arrived unexpectedly on the front porch. Inside are copies of a book that Ann and I have been working on for over a year. What a pleasure to open the pages and see the fine work Gibbs Smith Publishing contributed to the design and layout.
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We have the copies spread out on our library/dining table. It’s just too difficult to put them away and not continue to savor that we did it. It’s finished.
The next task is to send the book to all those who helped us out, and it is a long list. I imagine with every name we will be overwhelmed with memories of kindnesses and hospitality. Extraordinary and generous people were willing to share their joys of living small, and these connections mark the exceptional experience we had photographing the book.
Don’t worry—I’ll soon be off my cloud. It will be time to shovel.
With cold wet winter weather continuing, I picked out photos from the new book of a family cottage, a home that spills over with color and life to remind us all that the change of seasons isn’t that far away.
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Scot Zimmerman

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