Springtime opens the door to easy entertaining, fresh foods and full-on flavor combinations. All you need are skewers and a venturesome palate to create the season’s go-to appetizer.

Artichoke hearts, thyme and goat cheese? You bet. Melon, mint and prosciutto or shrimp teamed with basil and tomatoes? Absolutely.

There’s a reason creatively curated bites on skewers are the season’s must-try appetizers. They’re simple to make, easy to eat and a breeze to serve at a springtime soirée. Savor the mix of flavors, colors and textures of our tasty combinations or concoct some of your own.

Simply thread the bites on slender bamboo skewers, artfully arrange the sticks on a tray or easy-to-pass platter, and let the party begin.

— Mary Brown Malouf

Skewers pictured (top to bottom): Grape, blue cheese, dried fig; Watermelon chunk, boiled shrimp; Basil leaf, black olive, Creminelli salame; Grape tomato, basil leaf, bocconcini: Apple chunks, ham cube; Prosciutto, canteloupe; Bocconcini, black olive, basil leaf, bacon; Clementine sections, chocolate truffle

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