Fresh herbs are a summertime staple. Plant them in containers to keep them close at hand.

When you’re playing chef and mixologist this summer, it’s your job to have fresh herbs ready for the picking. Nothing makes that easier than pots. Why wander far into the yard to harvest herbs when planted containers can be conveniently placed on your patio, perched on your porch or set on the windowsill? From basil to rosemary, lavender to sage, herbs thrive in portable pots and require minimum care. Just don’t fall into the oh-so-predictible clay-pot trap. Instead, seize the opportunity to give your herbs a high-style home.

Tool Shed

Small gadgets can be a big help for herb lovers.

1. Snip It

Long-nosed gardening scissors, $17, Ward & Child — The Garden Store, SLC.

2. Tag It

Copper garden markers, $1.35 each, Cactus & Tropicals, SLC.

3. Strip It

Herb stripper, $8, Williams Sonoma, SLC.


• Plant different herb varieties in the same container for a smorgasbord approach. Herbs that share soil, light and water requirements make the best roommates.

• Cut or harvest herbs in the morning when the level of aromatic oil concentrations peak.

• Combine varieties of the same herb—like assorted basils or thymes—for a flavorful variety of uses in cooking and cocktails.

• Regularly harvest or pinch back herbs to encourage fresh growth. Leave a minimum of two sets of leaves to foster regrowth.

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