By: Brad Mee | Photos by: Scot Zimmerman 
Could color be the answer to everything? When it comes to enlivening many of today’s high-style homes, it sure seems that way. Across Utah, designers are adding pops of color to turn ho-hum rooms into spirited, engaging spaces.

gaaj_design_living_room_utah_style_designAn orange rug grounds this St. George family room with bold color. Leather chairs, textured pillows and framed art animate the room with varied shades of warm orange.
Design: GAAJ Design 

A large playful piece of art and a sculpture-like coat rack give a modern home’s entry a dose of whimsy as well as surprising hits of fun colors.
Design: Ezra Lee Design/Build 


Wallpaper can help transform any drab or dark décor into a lively, unforgettable space. In Park City, a vibrantly colored, geometrically patterned paper brings a gray-toned room to life.
Design: Dressed Design 


Punctuated by happy, bright shades of orange and red, this patio welcomes visitors as they step from the charming yard to the gray-toned, outdoor living space. The colorful accessories can be easily changed from season to season.
Design: Gregg Hodson Interior Design 

Hot pink wallpaper electrifies a young girl’s all-white bathroom. The same shocking color adds depth and eye-catching drama to the back of shelves in the adjoining bedroom.
Design: Karen Butera Inc 


A shower wall of floor-to-ceiling green tile draws the eye into this narrow bathroom and gives the otherwise neutrally-toned space a hit of lively color.
Design: K. Rocke Design and Jaffa Group 

A brightly painted chest of drawers ensures that this white room doesn’t look or feel sterile and cold. Four framed pieces of art add to the limited shots of color to this Park City space.
Design: Jsquared Interiors 


Sunny yellow chairs evoke a sense of fun and creativity, ideal for this smartly designed craft room located in an Orem home. Shelves of colorful fabrics and craft papers add to the room’s happy décor.
Design: AMB Interior Design 


Deep blue enriches a stunning wall-and-ceiling structure that backs a sparkling chandelier and freestanding bathtub in a St. George home.
Design: GAAJ Design 

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Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.