We were absolutely blown away by the Utah talent showcased in this year’s Salt Lake Parade of Homes. From classic clean lines to personality-pumped designer rooms, each home had something magnificent that we couldn’t help but swoon over. There’s only a few days left of the Parade, so before they close their doors, I wanted to share some of my favorite trends that you’ll want to steal for your own spaces!

Eye-Catching Backsplash

Functionality and style find the perfect balance in statement-making backsplashes that can add color, unity or personality to your kitchen spaces. This tiling in a basement kitchen Banbury Manor by Bradshaw Homes & Property unifies the color scheme of the room impeccably.

Antiqued Mirrors

Run-of-the-mill bathroom fixtures? Not for Alice Lane! Moodiness is at an all-time high in interiors implementing these smoky mirrors. Antiqued mirrors are a great fit for darker themes, or to ease up the brightness of colorful rooms. This bathroom appears in the Brinton at Watson Hollow by Ivory Homes and Alice Lane Interiors.

Mirrored Furniture

Speaking of mirrors, they’re popping up in some unexpected places. Reflective furniture like the dresser above make spaces appear bigger, while adding serious flair to the décor. Bedroom above in the Pablo by Regal Homes.

Not White Cabinets

For a while there, white cabinets with black handles were all the rage, popping up in every blogger’s cooking videos. But according to Salt Lake Parade of Homes, color is back on the menu with grey, tan and even blue cupboards making appearances. See also: towering storage cabinets, wherever they will fit, were also a trend in the house tours, and we’re loving the idea of extra storage space! Bradbury Manor by Bradshaw Homes and Property.

Curated Tile

Just like our last Parade of Homes piece, hexagon, penny and tile of all shapes and sizes comes together to bring nostalgia and charm to every unique bathroom floor. Small marbled tiles in the Brinton by Alice Lane and Ivory Homes ups the updated classic vibe of this simple bathroom.

Open Staircases

Typical stairwells never felt so small before we stepped into the Illume by Alair Homes. Open staircases welcome breathing room, light and a whole new opportunity for handrail assortments. Elegant, yet simple- the perfect combination!

Sky-High Kids’ Beds

Every kid loves the top bunk, and every parent loves being on top of the toy room mess. Lofted beds make both happy! Sky-high bunks for kids offer ample storage room underneath, whether it be a desk, a toy chest or just another fun place for your kids to hang out! This nostalgic little room is featured in the Tavern by The Building Group.

Color Pop Islands

Can’t decide between two gorgeous cabinetry colors? Well now you don’t have to worry, because you can have both! Mismatched islands are adding variety and color to kitchens around the state. Kitchen by Alair homes.
See more gorgeous Utah homes here!

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