Why be sunburnt and style-starved? As these five pulled-from-the-archives spaces prove, striking overhead structures and ceilings can transform patios, porches and decks into shaded sanctuaries with all the comfort and character of indoor rooms. 

Shaded Patios
Originally featured in our Summer 2006 issue. Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

Beneath a ceiling painted pale blue to emulate the sky, a backyard porch is fully furnished to provide a shaded place to relax and entertain. The setting’s southern exposure extends use and enjoyment of the space even into the year’s coolest months. Landscape and interior design by Rob McFarland, Ward and Child Design.

Shaded Patios
Originally featured in our Summer 2020 issue. Photo by Joshua Caldwell.

A broad arbor shades three charming garden swings hanging beneath a uniquely curved structure designed by Northland Design. The arbor serves as both a grand focal point in the landscape and a magical spot from which to take in the splendid gardens.

Shaded Patios
As originally featured in our Summer 2008 issue. Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

The broad-shouldered peaked roof of a Cottonwood Heights home shades its wide deck. The outdoor dining area sits just steps from the home’s indoor kitchen, facilitating its use through much of the year. Overlooking a wooded landscape and a natural stone waterfall, the wood deck and its neutral tones complement the intense green of the gardens beyond.

Originally featured in our Summer 2011 issue. Photo by Rebekah Westover.

A white pergola shades a Salt Lake City home’s chic poolside dining and lounge areas. The architecture’s clean, contemporary lines provide a striking backdrop for modern-meets-classic furnishings paired with dashing black-and-white striped cushions. Styled by Val Rasmussen.

Shaded Patios
Originally featured in our Spring 2018 issue. Photo by Alan and Whitney Wilbur.

As a stylish alternative to a built-in structure, two large umbrellas create a canvas canopy for this outdoor living space. A tall stacked-stone fireplace anchors the patio and comfortably furnished sitting area. Landscape design and furnishings by Landform Design Group.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.