I’m continually struck by the number of businesses out there that offer interesting and challenging jobs that I, for one, never knew were possible career paths. This theme struck again when I photographed the Bryan S. Finkle Building in South Jordan. The principle tenant is SMRTL, Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory.

SMRTL, Bryan S. Finkle Building, Office building
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

A one-story brick and glass portion sociably faces the highway, and stepped back is the mid rise. Okland Construction built the project that MHTN Architects designed. Okland also completed the tenant improvements for SMRTL.

SMRTL, Bryan S. Finkle Building, Office building, Parking structure
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

The parking structure is visible from the back. Across the access road shown in this photo is a preserved wetland. At the time I made the photo it was alive with sounds of frogs and birds.

SMRTL, Office building, Reception area, Waiting area, Sitting area, Conference room
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

Returning to the interior of the SMRTL offices, a partition separates the reception area from an informal sitting area that also serves as a waiting area for the conference room.

SMRTL, Office building, Sitting area, Lighted globes, Collaboration area
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

Deeper into the office space is another seating area that encourages conversation and collaboration. I liked how the lighted globes declare its location.

SMRTL, Office building, Work station, Social area, Lighted globes
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

Moving into the portion of the office in the one-story portion of the building, again the globes delineate a social area amid the office work stations.

Testing lab, SMRTL, Medical equipment, Medical supplies, Work station
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

The heart of the business is testing. The lab is organized into rows of equipment, supplies, workstations, and lots of supporting technology. I can only imagine the complexity of the wiring diagram.

SMRTL, Office building, Lab, Medical lab, Glass door
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

Glass separates smaller dedicated labs.

I walked away from the assignment with a deep appreciation of how different other people’s workdays are from mine. Also, I wondered how people discover and prepare for these careers? I had the sense from the people I encountered that it is satisfying work. So, it’s a big world out there, full of interesting jobs my career counselor never touched upon.

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