Color: It’s back.

 Suffering from gray and white malaise? We have the cure for what ails you: pastels, brights, rich hues, and shocking shades. These delightful colors and more are all available in ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, concrete, and mosaic tiles.


Kathleen Fuhriman, Owner

What sets your work apart?

Our up-to-date showroom offers the visual and tactile experience that customers desire. Our knowledgeable staff, armed with years of experience, helps you through the entire selection process.

What inspires you?

When choosing our tile lines, we’re inspired by beauty and craftsmanship: in art, fashion, timeless design, and of course, nature.

Future forecast in stone:

Natural stone is enjoying a resurgence: think limestone, marble, quartzite and granite. In addition, our clients are asking for classic edge profiles once again such as ogee, dupont and coved.

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