As Utah’s premier to-the-trade design showroom, Curate To The Trade champions the design community. “We are always listening and adjusting to today’s designer’s needs,” says Showroom Director Hannah Olague. Owner Allison Parkinson agrees. “We have an abundance of curated resources that designers can access to find inspiration including finish samples, fabric swatches, one-of-a-kind accessories and more. And it’s all here exclusively for designers.” 

Curate To The Trade believes no space is complete without a designer’s touch, which is why they work extensively with designers and continue to champion the design community as a whole. Visit the showroom online and in person for timeless design and unparalleled service. “A designer’s time is valuable, so when we’re working together, we try to be as helpful as possible,” Olague says. “There is space for designers to set up and work or to bring their clients in. We’re invested in supporting their creativity.” 

Curate To The Trade raises the bar for local trade showrooms by putting their clients’ needs at the forefront of their business. “Our long-standing relationships with our vendors help us offer better discounts and to be client advocates,” says Parkinson. “No project is too big or too small.” 

Guiding Principle: Taking the extra step. The synergy of  Parkinson’s breadth of experience with Olague’s passion for bringing the newest products to local designers is the momentum for what they do.

Ask the Expert

Allison Parkinson, Owner and Hannah Olague, Showroom Director

Excited About

We are excited to see color come back into designers’ palettes. It’s all about blending neutrals with new, bold colors and patterns.

Keeping It Fresh

Do not overthink it! In a non-traditional sense, we believe flexibility plays a significant role in design. A common quality we see in Utah designers is their ability to take a “curveball” and run with it.

Keeping Up

Follow @curatetothetrade on Instagram for our Conversations series, where we host live discussions with designers on their views of the industry and what inspires them.

360 S. Rio Grande, Salt Lake City 

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