Ezra Lee Design + Build is an innovative firm that offers architecture, construction and interior design all under the same roof. “Our projects and firm are intentionally unconventional, we are well known for our ability to push contemporary and modern design. We love blending design styles and delivering something that is unique to each client,” explains Head of Marketing Trevor Hudspeth. 

As an all-in-one firm, this team designs spaces that are easy to live and work in. “We’re inspired by how people function in their spaces,” says Ezra Lee, owner. And because clients don’t have to go through three different companies, it helps save time and money. “We pride ourselves on quality construction and materials as well as original design.” This firm continually pushes the envelope and is not afraid to explore a new approach by thinking outside the box. “We are building a company that is just as incredible to work for as it is to work with,” says Landon Taylor, Head of Interior Design.

Photo by Meagan Larsen

“I like to think like a chef. A good chef never gives away his recipes—just because someone has the same ingredients as you do, doesn’t mean they can produce the same result.” — Landon Taylor, Head of Interior Design

Ask the Expert

Ezra Lee, Founder and Owner

On the Horizon

Contrast. Merging clean lines with curvy shapes, classical design with contemporary furnishings, rich blacks with crisp whites and old ways with new innovation. 

Making It Fresh

Set a timeless foundation in every space, then add layers that make you happy, based on the season, your mood or your special event. 

On Keeping Up

We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year. We will be hosting open houses in our spaces. Stay tuned for events at ezralee.com/events and on social media @ezraleedesignbuild.

Photo by Meagan Larsen

363 S. Main St., Alpine

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