Since 1993, The Garden Store has not only been Salt Lake’s cherished destination for unique gifts, furnishings and décor for the home and garden, but it has also served as a beloved retreat, offering a happy escape and gratifying retail therapy. As customers, Todd Olsen and Nate Hansen returned week after week for their “fix” of respite and relaxation. One day, the pair walked in and, to their dismay, discovered the store was closing its business. When the couple reported this news to Todd’s parents, Sherie and Mike Olsen, they were equally devastated by the thought of saying goodbye to this local treasure trove. The family decided that The Garden Store absolutely had to live on. 

Photo courtesy The Garden Store

“We shine as a local ‘experience’ for the senses. The legacy Rob and Jerry built with The Garden Store will continue on, but with fresh eyes and a new sense of adventure!” — Nate Hansen

Photo courtesy The Garden Store

“We owe many thanks to owners Rob and Jerry for entrusting their legacy to four passionate customers, and thanks to The Garden Store team for staying and continuing the fun with us,” says Hansen. With welcoming spaces and inspiring displays, The Garden Store continues to be curated with an approachable yet elevated aesthetic enlivened with just enough whimsy to keep things interesting. “Going forward, we will remain everything our loyal patrons depend on, and we’ll continue to capture the best new ideas in the ever-evolving world of home and garden design,” Todd says.

Ask the Expert

Nate Hansen and Todd Olsen, co-owners of The Garden Store

Must Have

Small, rechargeable lamps are stylish, splurge-worthy items. All hosts need one of these small wonders for their tables. These lights make a great gift for those who have everything.

Pro Tip

To make an impact in your own garden, create a destination that reflects your tastes and preferences. Take the time to cultivate something of your own, rather than letting trends dictate your style. Engage all your senses with movement, texture, aromas, color, light and sound.

Stay True To You

Creating a living space rich with personality and style is worth your time and investment over the years. The natural world figures heavily into that equation. Be guided by your values and interests, and then bring in quality elements to support those, one at a time. 

Photo courtesy The Garden Store

678 S. 700 East, Salt Lake City

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