Designing livable, artistic spaces that help people live their best life is a passion for acclaimed designer Kristin Rocke, owner of K. Rocke Interior Design. “An interesting and beautiful space that represents your best self is a backdrop for a beautiful life,” she says.

For almost 20 years, this Utah-based interior design firm has been completing uniquely designed and influential interiors across the globe. With an extensive and award-winning list of projects, Rocke has been listed as one of the “Top 10” Interior Designers by Traditional Home and featured in various distinguished publications. 

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From resorts and restaurants to retail shops and residences, the firm has completed projects coast-to-coast. “Our clients have big personalities and big names; some are celebrities,” says Rocke. “Each client is important to us—we have a big agenda and we love big projects.” The firm specializes in bringing joy to each step of the design process. “We give clients more than they know they wanted. Once they have it, they love us for it,” she says.

Rocke, an NCIDQ Interior Designer, also owns Glass House, a design showroom by appointment. Shop online to find unique items that elevate your home. Browse the site to see what’s hot right now.

“Listening to needs and desires, having a broad awareness of sources and product, and then stitching the two together seamlessly. I am creative, adaptable and flexible, and that helps me flow through the design process easily and find a way to materialize desire.” – Kristin Rocke

Kristin Rocke, owner, K. Rocke Interior Design

Ask the Expert

What’s ahead

Making the most of our tremendous range of projects—from edgy modern to beautifully traditional. We just completed a house in Cape Cod and are simultaneously working on another in the Bahamas as well as others locally. There’s so much happening right now: assorted homes, design teams and collaborators. It’s exciting to work when there is so much growth and potential for creative expression.

Excited about

Our projects give us a continuous source of inspiration to draw from and develop into sophisticated designs. One idea sparks another  and ignites the creative flow. Creativity is infinite—the more you push, the more you break the boundaries of performance. Working with different people cultivates an expansive flow. We have all the ingredients available to blend things in new, exciting and unique ways. 

Fresh ideas

Plaster, rounded forms paired with interesting textures, materials and colors. I love developing interesting color palettes for different spaces, and textiles are a great place to start. People want bespoke spaces and are using color in kitchens and bathrooms, not only in tile but also in marble and quartzite. For example, we’ve installed burgundy, rose and even lilac marble. 

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