BRANDON BODELL BEGAN HIS CAREER framing homes in Deer Valley. During the past two decades, his passion has expanded from those humble roots to building and remodeling some of the most breathtaking custom homes in Utah.

The secret sauce is his hands-on approach. “I am a smaller boutique shop, so I can join clients onsite when they want to meet,” he says. “They can ask cost questions and make decisions right there. No lag time waiting for a response.”

Good news: “Prices for labor and material have stabilized over the past few months,” Bodell says. “We anticipate pricing conditions returning to typical market conditions.” Lower prices mean that high-end craftsmen are in high demand. “The call for expert craftsman in every specific trade is mandatory to deliver beautiful products,” he explains. 

That’s why Bodell hires some of the best designers and craftsmen in the state. “Our core group of interior designers, suppliers and contractors deliver high-quality service,” he says.

686 Stokes Avenue, Draper



“Every project is custom crafted from budget planning to the finished result. That means we tailor every step of the process to meet each customer’s unique needs. Our calling card is total and complete transparency from beginning to end.” 

Brandon Bodell, Owner

Ask the Expert

What’s Ahead

At this moment, I’m in love with anything with live finishes such as copper or cedar shake roofs. Accept the natural beauty and the way they transform. Live finishes look different three days after installation, three months and three years later. They tell a real story over time.

Excited About

There’s new interest in using plaster finishes, inside and out. Historically, people used a level 5 drywall finish. But now, plaster finishes on walls, ceilings and surfaces add both dimension and durability, and they give spaces a sense of timelessness.

Fresh Ideas

Shaping interior (and some exterior) walls adds interest. Many homes blend radius walls and beveled corners with traditional edges to create beautiful spaces. 

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