Do you want your home to feel deeply individual, artistic and that it truly reflects yourself and your family? If you love to celebrate the unexpected, then Flairhunter, LLC. is the firm to partner with. Based in Park City, Flairhunter specializes in custom residential design projects. “I love clients who want to courageously lean into colors and fresh design aesthetics,” says owner Stephanie Hunt. “We blend inherited, timeworn items with contemporary art and confident color palettes to highlight the owners’ unique personalities.” 

More than two decades ago, Hunt opened Stephanie Hunt Interiors in Southern California. When she moved to Utah, she rebranded as      The Flairhunter. During the past 13 years, the firm has executed ground-up builds, refurnishing homes, scouted and placed art and antiques from around the world, and developed the design for clients’ private aircraft and yachts. “We’ve even designed commercial and residential elevators that are functional, luxe and distinctive,” she says. “Our favorite projects mix elegance with whimsy, old with new.”

Listen to upcoming podcast on The Cult of Flair when Hunt shares how she is designing a private, membership-only cigar lounge and wine bar and also worked with noted urban street artists for a client’s in-home elevator shaft in a NY high-rise rooftop lounge.

1437 W. Old Ranch Road, Park City



“I gather inspiration from color and pattern combinations in fashion and travel abroad. Visiting the homes of people who have a lot of style and the confidence to live with what they love sparks my own creativity. I help people create personal spaces where they are free to be their authentic selves. Be brave, push boundaries. Just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it has to be your style.”

Stephanie Hunt, Owner

Ask the Expert

What’s Ahead

As a full-service firm, we attend to every detail, from start to finish. We give personalized attention to the people who live in the space: their history, their lifestyle and even their fashion choices. We combine their art collections and existing decorative pieces with updated finishes and furnishings to stand the test of time.

Excited About

Responsible design. The industry is celebrating antiques and vintage elements and using these sustainable, repurposed items in unexpected ways. I love seeing this in fashion collaborations as well. I’m developing a new fashion line made from salvaged interior-design textiles.

Fresh Ideas

I collect and use items from around the world in my projects. I’ve worked on projects in Mexico, Alaska, New Orleans, Connecticut, Manhattan and Southern California. We’ve also been named design consultants for a Delaware-based company specializing in outfitting business jets, ALOFT AeroArchitects. These wide-ranging projects keep me always learning new things, current and creative.

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