Designing livable, artistic spaces that help people live their best life is a passion for acclaimed designer Kristin Rocke, owner of K. Rocke Interior Design. “People are so individually expressed in their home environments now,” she says. “I love helping people infuse their identities into their spaces.”

This Utah-based interior design firm has completed influential interiors across the globe. With an extensive and award-winning list of projects, Rocke has been listed as one of the “Top 10” Interior Designers by Traditional Home. Her work has been featured in various distinguished publications including Luxe Interiors + Design, Florida Design: Home, Boca Design, and California Home + Design and more. “I’ve been doing this craft for a long time,” she says. “I’m really excited about how we’re building on the broad foundation we’ve built over the years. We’re growing and taking on new challenges in architecture, hard finishes, space planning, locations and material requirements.”

From resorts and restaurants to retail shops and residences, the firm has completed projects coast-to-coast. “Our clients have big personalities and big names; some are celebrities,” says Rocke. “There are so many characters. My team loves to collaborate and find new ways to be better. We keep trying new things: creativity begets creativity.” 

3910 E Highland Drive, Millcreek



“Listening to needs and desires, having a broad awareness of sources and product and stitching the two together seamlessly. I am creative, adaptable and flexible, and that helps me flow through the design process easily and find a way to materialize desire.”

Kristin Rocke, Owner and Principal Designer

Ask the Expert

What’s Ahead

Color is coming on strong. There’s a 50/50 split. On one side is a discreet, yummy palette made of warm earth tones like clay, cream and russet with subtle natural green elements. On the other side, there’s a big push to highly saturated colors with a lot of depth. It’s all about full-throttle color, exuberant patterns and lots of maximalist art and creativity. 

Excited About

Softer spaces. Using translucent materials such as sheer fabrics, quartzite backlit walls, or a translucent stain on woods that lets the natural grain show through to give spaces a luminous glow. We’re also doing floor-to-ceiling window walls that flood rooms in sunlight as well as white glass walls that add separation but allow natural light to move through the rooms.

Fresh Ideas

Interesting, artistically handcrafted, highly textured wall coverings with big loose patterns are creating new opportunities for adding color and interest to walls. Welcoming back colored walls in a way that is finished and elevated in execution.  

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