Bartile is a local, family-owned business that’s been perfecting the art of premium roof tiles since 1942. Incombustible, Bartile roof tiles far surpass a class-A fire rating and have a 75-year warranty. Some styles even have a class-4 hail rating.


“We can create a shake or slate tile that looks like the real thing but will last more than 75 years without the fire hazard or maintenance issues,” says Nick Evans, general manager. “With our gable optioned designers and home-owners can create a true shake or slate roof at a fraction of the price.”


In addition to manufacturing the tiles, they also provide expert installation services in Northern Utah. “Workmanship on a tile roof is key to its durability,” Evans says. “Se we offer a warranty on tile as well as the installation. We go one step further to makes sure we get it right the first time.”

“We make one-of-a-kind dream roofs. As the only custom tile manufacturer in the United States, we customize our roofs to meet very specific requests – and that keeps the business exciting.”

– Nick Evans, General Manager, Bartile.

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What’s Ahead?

We have more than 700 custom colors, designs and textures, so we can literally cferate anything, If you see something in your travels, bring us a photo and we’ll make it for you!

Excited about:

Yorkshire Cottage handmade tiles that recreate the look of both the rough hand-hewn slate and hand-split wood shake of old. With four different widths and varied lengths, Yorkshire Cottage tiles create multidimensional texture. And, they’ll last three times longer and can cost half as much as a wood roof.

Fresh Ideas:

Legendary Slate of Legendary April Timber tiles are the ideal complements to modern or contemporary homes, Perfect for low-pitched roofs, these tiles create a free-flowing pocket of air that helps insulate the house and keep cooling costs down.

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