Do you lie awake at night imagining fabulous stone features for your home or business, but wonder if these stone beauties can be engineered and built gracefully and functionally?

At European Marble and Granite, the answer is yes! yes! and yes!

European Marble & Granite

For technically challenging creations, trust our talented and skilled craftsmen. We have engineered, fabricated and installed the necessary support systems for cantilevered hearths and countertops. We have hand-carved designs as well as fabricated fancy edges and radiuses in our shop. We can do it all.

European Marble & Granite
European Marble & Granite

“Not only can we, at European Marble & Granite, build the stone project of your dreams, we have multitudes of sources and can likely find that elusive, exotic stone you may be seeking. If you can imagine it, we can build it.”

– Kathleen Fuhriman, Owner.

Ask the Expert

European Marble & Granite

What’s Ahead?

To undertake and succeed on even greater technical challenges in stone design. We are doing more exterior cladding in both dimensional natural stone and porcelain slab materials.

Excited About:

Returning to more natural stones and monolithic creations– both in stone and engineered stone. We are loving back-lit walls and countertops, terrazzo slab and tile, integrated stone sinks, stone-clad door and drawer fronts, and detailed carved stone edges. We are also incorporating brass, bronze and steel into tile designs.

Fresh Ideas:

We think beyond the current trends, focusing instead on the foundations of good design: classic proportions, balance, pleasing color combinations and function.

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