Ezra Lee Design & Build is an innovative firm that offers architecture, construction and interior designs ll under the same roof.

Ezra Lee Design & Build

“We create spaces that are energetic and progressive but still in touch with forms that have stood the test of time,” says head of architecture Doug Staker. “Great design comes from a great design process– we work hard to find the best solutions.”

As an all-in-one firm, this team designs spaces that are easy to live and work in. “We’re inspired by how people function in their spaces,” says Ezra Lee, owner. And because clients don’t have to go through three different companies, it helps save time and money. “We pride ourselves on quality construction and materials as well as original design.”

Ezra Lee Design & Build

This firm continually pushes the envelope and is not afraid to explore a new approach by thinking outside the box. “We are building a company that is just as incredible to work for as it is to work with,” says Landon Taylor, head of interior design.

“I couldn’t give you something mediocre, even if that’s all you asked for.” – Michelangelo, from The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone.

Ask the Expert:

Ezra Lee Design & Build

What’s Ahead?

Elements of contrast (in all aspects of design and construction). Marrying multiple styles into one project creates exciting design as well as functional spaces. We love incorporating European, mid-century modern, Asian, Mediterranean and Scandinavian influences in our work.

Excited About:

Reinterpreting historial forms. History is important in Utah, but many of our clients want innovation. So rethinking form like gables, sheds or symmetry can produce exciting new forms that speak the language of history in a modern way.

Fresh Ideas:

Embrace the challenges: construction, budget, schedule and even style restraints. Working within a box almost always produces something more unique than not having any parameters at all.

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