This is no ordinary showroom. Inside Out Architecturals is the ultimate art tile destination in Utah. From wood parquet to glass, custom mosaic to historical ornamental, its lines are sourced from more than 50 different global manufacturers.

Owner Leah Wynn and her team– Anna Ayala, Sarah Pennington Booher, Sue Lindquist and Swarnali Satpathy– gather exemplary artisan lines to help clients recreate authentic designs. The showroom is loaded with the latest trends and colors.

Inside Out Architecturals

The print quality used to create porcelain tiles replicating other materials is so good they look like the real thing.

“Sometimes you just need to touch it to see if it’s real,” says owner Lead Wynn. In the next few years, porcelain tiles that resemble wood parquet will be used in unusual places like steam showers. “You’ll look twice because of the atypical placement,” Wynn says.

Inside Out Architecturals

Rare and precious stone are also being imitated more effectively. “These new tiles give everyone an opportunity to dramatically accent their spaces more economically,” she says.

“Go bold or go home. We use daring contrasting color schemes. We’re also using black tile with white or colored grout (or vice versa) to add drama to spaces.”

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Inside Out Architecturals

What’s Ahead?

Remember the wood paneling your parents and grandparents had? Well, it’s back with a bit of pizzazz. Dimensional, wood-patterned tile designs in both commercial and residential settings are wowing everyone.

Excited About:

Playful textile patterns such as paisley, floral and new-age marbling create exciting floors and features walls. Whether printed or mosaic tiles, these patterns help to make spaces sing.

Fresh Ideas:

Lively, colorful or monochromatic plan prints on tiles brighten full walls, bring the outside in and help fulfill that ever-present urge to connect with nature.

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