Natural stone and porcelain floor tiles imbue any space with organic appeal. Durable, easy-to-maintain tiles add beauty, texture and interest.

First established in 2004, husband and wife team Adam and Ashlee Clough, along with business partner Mike Brown, bought the company in 2021. They’ve been importing high-quality tiles that have elevated the style of southern Utah homes ever since.

If you’re looking for unique natural stone, stop by the functional showroom where a team of tile and stone design specialists are available to help you visualize your space. “Our number one goal is service,” says Ashlee Clough, COO. “Our clients get the same personal attention and care whether they’re looking for a backsplash or products for their whole home.”

“We do our own importing and work closely with other vendors who source from the same factories to ensure amazing quality control,” says Adam Clough, CEO. “Our product lines are always evolving.”

That means the options are endless. 

“Use beautiful and unique tile as a centerpiece and build your design from there,” suggests Mike Brown, CFO. 

“Do what you love. Don’t design your home for what you think the future buyers will like because they’ll probably make changes regardless. Determine what will make it feel like home for you and do it.” 

Ashlee Clough, COO

Ask the Expert

What’s Ahead

We’re looking for more local businesses to forge new relationships with. We’re a small, family-run business and one of our main goals is looking for ways we can better help support our ever-growing and changing community. 

Excited About

Onyx tiles are making their way into design and they are gorgeous.

Fresh Ideas

We source tile from trendsetting vendors and factories in Italy and Spain. Importing from these countries means we can offer quite a unique selection of tile.

See our full Stylemakers Spring lineup here.

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