Add curb appeal with a customized roof from Bartile. “We have more than 700 custom colors, designs and textures, so we can literally create anything,” says Nick Evans, general manager. “If you see something you like, bring us a photo and we’ll make it for you.”

Bartile is a local, family-owned business that’s been perfecting the art of premium roof tiles since 1942. Incombustible, Bartile roof tiles far surpass a class-A fire rating and have a 75-year warranty. Some styles even have a class-4 hail rating. 

Want a shake or slate tile that looks like the real thing but will last more than 75 years and without the fire hazard or maintenance issues? Check out Bartile’s incredible selection. “With our gable options, designers and homeowners can create a true shake or slate roof at a fraction of the price,” says Evans.

In addition to manufacturing the tiles, they also provide expert installation services in Northern Utah. Bartile roof tiles are made locally and designed to withstand Utah’s harsh climate and freeze and thaw cycles. “You can save as much as 200% when you compare the cost of replacing your asphalt roof every 20 years,” says Evans. 

725 N. 1000 West, Centerville



“Some of the first roofs we installed are still holding up; I have stood on roofs installed in 1942. Our biggest design secret is endurance—that’s why we offer a 75-year warranty.”

Nick Evans, General Manager

Ask the Expert

What’s ahead

We’re partnering with Powder Watts to help people save a huge chunk on heating cable bills. Powder Watts offers a smart camera that can be mounted on the roof and watch for ice and snow build up, so it keeps your heating cable off until you need it. Some power companies are offering huge rebates to offset installation costs.

Excited about

The darkest black tile. It’s our top seller. We start with black tile and then add jet black acrylic enamel on top for a dramatic effect. The paint will last 20 years, and the black color-through concrete tile underneath will last another 

60 to 70 years. 

Fresh ideas

To add depth and dimension, opt for a multi-colored roof. We take different color batches of tiles and blend them into a really interesting and beautiful palette. We can match clay roofs that have drastic color ranges, so you can create something beautiful, unique and durable—and more affordable.

See our full lineup of Stylemakers here.

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