From the minute you walk through the doors of a home built by Brian Geer, you recognize that it is special. Geer’s homes intentionally celebrate the breathtaking beauty of each setting—from how the home is situated on a carefully chosen lot to the thoughtful architecture and design elements that optimize views and draw inspiration from natural landscapes. 

Master builder of custom luxury homes, Geer creates stunning, welcoming and personal spaces. Every detail reflects the cooperative vision of the homeowner and builder, and is backed by more than 30 years of highly respected quality craftsmanship. Just a few reasons Home Builder Digest voted him #2 Best Custom Home Builder in Utah.

“I love the collaborative creative process and being partnered with the homeowner for every step,” says Geer. “From walking the lot and talking through the vision, and sitting down with architects and designers, to working through the challenges that inevitably arise, I’m hands-on during every phase of the project.” 

 Geer built his reputation for building quality homes by being upfront, honest, transparent and trustworthy. 

“I stand by my work for years to come,” he says. “I have loyal subcontractors that can be depended on for excellent work.” 

2295 Santa Clara Dr., Suite A, Santa Clara 


“Let the beauty of your natural surroundings inspire every element of your design—it’s what drew us here, it’s why we stay. Every detail—from lot selection and how the home is situated on the lot, to the layout, design and materials—should showcase and reflect the inspiring landscapes that make southwest Utah so special.”

Brian Geer, Owner and Builder

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What’s Ahead

Let the outdoors be your inspiration. It’s all about capitalizing on the views and the natural landscapes. Creating inspiring sight lines and a seamless flow from interior to outdoor living spaces is at the heart of all my home designs. 


The availability of innovative materials that are specifically designed to perform well in our desert climate.


Custom homebuilding is fresh by nature, and that’s why it’s all I do. Every project offers a unique creative vision, new set of design goals and opportunities to build something distinct. 

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