The post-pandemic world is upon us. After a period of rediscovering the outside world, we’re remembering what we loved about being home—having a personal sanctuary. For many people, that means revisiting their design style and furnishing choices with a renewed emphasis on cozy relaxation. 

Comfort is making a comeback. “As designers and homeowners create spaces that reflect our return to optional and occasional reclusiveness, they’re striking an impressive balance between comfort and elevated luxury,” says Tammy Petty, interior designer. “In many cases, that means more cushions, more curved lines and more plush fabrics. From pillowy sofas to soft headboards, every piece should invite a feeling of tranquility.”

Start by adding sanctuary pieces—furniture and accessories that might be found at a high-end spa. “From coffee tables and counter stools to headboards and hutches, consider incorporating pieces made of natural stones and warm woods to invite that sense of serenity,” says Deb Nielsen interior designer. 

Helm furnishes Utah’s finest homes. The careful craftsmanship of these pieces, hand-picked and placed by professional designers, enhances high-end homes while helping homeowners find their unique style. Helm understands and appreciates the value of an experienced, artistic eye and has established
a program offering significant benefits to professional designers, decorators and homebuilders across the state. 

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“Our secret is in our selection. With direct access to furniture from the best luxury brands—including Baker, Century, Bernhardt, Hickory Chair, Lexington, Massoud and many more—Helm can help anyone find the perfect pieces to fit in a newly decorated room or to fill a whole home.” 

Chris Ross, Owner/President

Ask the Expert

What’s ahead

It’s becoming more difficult for professional designers and decorators to manage the logistical side of the home furnishings business. Helm will continue to transform the Utah furniture market by offering better ways for trade professionals to source fine furniture for their clients without having to worry about shipping and storage. 

Excited about

We’re excited about the way our new trade program is increasing designers’ access to the world’s finest furniture. More than ever before, we are meeting the needs of professional designers by letting them white label our white-glove services, including full-service shipping, storage and delivery. 

Fresh ideas

We’re seeing a return to formal dining rooms—dedicated spaces where people can entertain and enjoy meals together—adorned with artistic lighting, including chandeliers and art lights, as well  as higher-end art pieces. 

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