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Featured in our magazine 10 years ago, this spectacular International style glass house is still one of my all-time favorites.

Give It a Shot

You know color is the hottest ingredient in today’s high-style rooms—now it’s all about how to add it to your décor. Why not begin with accessories?

Shift Out of Neutral

Feel like your décor is stuck in neutral? Go full-throttle with pops of color strategically placed throughout your home. The following rooms and their designers offer inspiration and ideas.
The black-and-white trend is going strong, and this high-contrast design direction is amping up the style of so many of today's chic rooms. Here are a few simple ways you can incorporate it into your décor.
Jo Packham proves that out-of-the-box thinking, a can-do attitude and a willingness to fall and get back up as one moves from venture to venture all contribute to success and joy for one's work.

How Swede It Is

Once relegated to garden parties and summer soirees, wine spritzers are now a favorite.
Sierra Pacific Windows opened up their newest showroom in Park City, UT on September 21st.
Savvy design frequently has to flex its muscle to make room perform well and look great. This certainly holds true in the kitchen where function and form must work together to make the most of this much-used space. See how this Bountiful kitchen goes wide for the win.
Black-and-white decorating doesn’t have to inspire sit-up-straight formality or an uppity expression. Throw in rich texture, playful patterns and surprising shapes, and this classic color combo can style a room from chic to cozy, luxe to laid-back. What's your pleasure?
Jo Packham gave industrial design a fresh twist by fashioning a rustic backdrop, mixing raw and gleaming metals, wood and glass, sprinkling in whimsical accents and then layering on the charm. What’s more, she did it without breaking the bank.