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10 Inspiring tips for creating a home filled with personality and individual style, courtesy of architectural designer Robert McArthur.
Ideas are everywhere, indoors and out. We turned to the pages of our current issue to discover 10 design features that are as ingenious as they are inspiring.
Who hasn’t had the idea, at least once, to quit the big city rat race and start over the way it was intended to be – living simply, close to nature, with only your loved ones and the stars in the sky to keep you company.
Since the artist formerly known as Prince’s passing in 2016, there have been several tributes paid to the singer, but none have been quite as colorful as Pantone’s designation of the perfect shade of purple, appropriately named, Love Symbol #2.
Stepping into the home of artist Jodi Mardesich Smith—who sells her work under the name Jyotimedia—is like entering a secret greenhouse.


Right about now dahlias are strutting their stuff in Utah’s most striking gardens.
Design magazines are like beautiful gardens. They’re quiet, inspiring and you can experience them in your own time, at your own pace. Plus they’re always presenting what’s fresh and new. Maybe that’s why I enjoy creating them both as much as I do. In fact, if I weren’t an editor, I could easily see myself digging into garden design for a living.