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Centerpiece? Pfft. Event designer Chris Lavoie suggest a surprising tablescape instead.
Whether he cuts them from his garden or picks them at the farmers market, floral designer Conner Nesbit of Leuca Floral waits all year for fresh-cut dahlias. It’s no wonder he’s diligent about extending their lives in the vase. His three small tricks make a big difference.
From bachelor buttons to bishop’s lace, sunflowers to sweet peas, Utah flowers are flourishing. The trick is keeping them fresh when you cut them and bring them indoors. These following cutting tricks and preservative recipes can help you do just that.
For these centerpieces, she chose springtime’s stemmed artichokes to add texture and surprise to her floral-heavy arrangements.
Kellie Jackstien, Owner of Artisan Bloom paired stemless flutes of purple and eggplant-colored Japanese sweet peas with taper candles flickering in tall glass cylinders.
Not long ago, while photographer Scot Zimmerman and I were shooting a home’s spectacular chef-style kitchen, we couldn’t help but marvel at the enormous La Cornue range. A behemoth of stainless steel and gleaming brass, it had the turn-on factor (and matching price) of a racing-red Ferrari. I couldn’t...