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by Mary Brown Malouf We love summer, grilling and fresh-from-the-garden foods. No wonder we get so fired-up when they join forces. This season, think beyond the beef and go to your yard or the farmers’ market to get fresh-picked goodies for the grill. Need some grilled produce ideas? We have...

A Fall-Themed Dinner Party

The Urban Studio on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street made the perfect setting for a fall-themed dinner party among a group of Ogden locals. When it comes to dinner parties, food is just as important as the company.
If you covet a classic, high-style look for your home, here's a few words to commit to memory: timeless, luxury, and quality. The pros from Thomasville offer some tips to create a timeless yet oh-so-current style in your home.
Did you know Utah’s harsh winter months can actually help your spring planting come to full life and color? Find out how.
New this year, Pumpkin Nights is Salt Lake City's latest Halloween attraction.
Join Red Butte Garden for an enchanted evening and journey down the rabbit hole to the whimsical, wonderful world of Wonderland.

Hooked On Salmon

The catch is in and salmon is starring on plates everywhere. How do you take yours?

Saucing the Salmon

Beautifully cooked salmon doesn’t require any additional flavors. Just salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon is plenty.
written by: Mary Brown Malouf After decades of banishment, fried chicken has made a comeback. Fears about fat have been allayed and it’s hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t serve a version of the everlasting favorite. Soon to come on the scene is Viet Pham’s Pretty Bird on Regent...
Spring has sprung and for many of us that means a heightened desire for fresher, more flavor-forward foods