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When it comes to palette and pattern, this vibrant mountain residence will never suffer a case of the winter doldrums. The 6,000-square-foot second home was built not only as a seasonal ski lodge, but also as a year-round perch for a pair of East Coast empty nesters increasingly drawn to the mountainous region’s charms.
Event planner Emily White sets the stage for her family’s tranquil, light-filled home with a Scandinavian-inspired remodel in Old Town Park City.
The American Society of Interior Designers has awarded Salt Lake City based Design Plus, Inc. and owner Kaye Christiansen Englert, the Intermountain Chapter award for Best Kitchen. The project is a new, modern home located in Holladay.
When observing architecture, one can see how buildings mix the designer’s concept with the client’s decisions. To really observe a creative designer’s talent, the project has to be one where the client offers complete freedom, or the designer is also the client. Michael Upwall’s new offices in Sugarhouse afforded that opportunity.
A recent assignment took me to the top of The Preserve northeast of Park City to an elevation I would estimate at 9,000 feet. The 10-acre lot lived up to the development’s name, as elk herds pass by, moose have been found sleeping adjacent to the home, and hawks soared above. The last of autumn’s faded color lingered on the day I made photos, but I expect it was gone within the week.
A family close to becoming empty nesters built a new home at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon with the goal of being right-sized for the three of them, roomy enough for visiting married couples, and spacious enough to maintain holiday traditions.
Without subtracting the historic influence, a recent addition and revamping to a historic miner’s home in lower Old Town Park City opened up a sleek, bright, connected living space. An award ribbon graces the porch support, and it acknowledges home’s historically sensitive remodeling approach.
One of the challenges a designer can face is to start with a highly identifiable home, and to demonstrate the home’s potential beyond the style and furnishings most associate with it. The owner of the Utah Jazz is selling a home designed to entertain that has hosted people from throughout the Valley and around the world.
For many of us in Utah, fall is the best time to head out with the tent or trailer to enjoy the unpopulated natural world. For others, it’s the last few weeks they can enjoy a mountain cabin.
The cost of new construction keeps rising; it’s now common in Park City to see construction costs ranging from $700 to $1,000 per square foot. Given these costs, it makes sense that more of us are now or soon will be living smaller in apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and cozy bungalows or cottages.