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Pattern play is enjoying a moment, but it is nothing new. In the hands of a talented pro, this approach to design is always in style. Take interior designer Jason Wilde's interior of a spectacular Heber home (How Swede It Is) we featured in 2013. It is as compelling and as relevant now as it was four years ago. And there's much to learn from Wilde's work.
Once relegated to garden parties and summer soirees, wine spritzers are now a favorite.
The most important thing about tasting and understanding gin cocktails is knowing the botanical makeup of your spirit

Saucing the Salmon

Beautifully cooked salmon doesn’t require any additional flavors. Just salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon is plenty.


Vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh-cut basil, creamy mozzarella: This Italian trinity composes caprese, arguably summer’s simplest and most sensational salad. But why stop there? Throw in some unexpected ingredients and enjoy the surprising flavors and seasonal flair they give this classic dish
Mary Crafts-Homer and her team at Culinary Crafts have hosted and catered three pop-up dinners at Snuck Farm, all of which included the farm’s fresh-picked produce served under the soaring ceiling of the barn’s pass-through.
Respect the radish! Read the seed packets: April Cross, Bunny Tail, Cherry Belle. Even the names of radishes sound like springtime. One of the easiest and fastest vegetables to grow, spring radishes (as opposed to their larger winter cousins) can go from seed to plate in about a month. Cherry...
No question, whisky and vodka shine as the his-and-her cocktail darlings of weddings, but gin is having a moment in the spotlight. Bartenders—like Cheers & Swizzles’ owner Mary Pinyan-Lauer—prove gin’s popularity spans everywhere from restaurant menus to stylish soirées. What better way to toast a wedding than with a celebratory...
Just in time for the big game, everyone’s favorite onion dip gets a tasty refresh. An inspired dish from the ‘50s, onion dip originated from a marketing idea for using Lipton’s then-new dehydrated onion soup mix. The mix was added to sour cream and/or cream cheese. Today, the super-easy combo of...