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Often in the Wasatch back, the terms fastest growing, biggest, best, most luxurious, recently constructed, most popular, exclusive and similar superlatives prevail in conversations and print about the area.
Basketball in Utah is big. The Jon M. and Karen Huntsman Basketball Facility is a recently completed training facility for University of Utah’s women’s and men’s basketball teams. I made the photos for Elliott Workgroup in Park City. The level of design and amenities reinforces the support these teams have from the University of Utah and the community.
I’ve been told that Salt Lake City homebuilders held the nation’s first parade of homes in 1946, and since, it is a Utah tradition that attracts more people each year.
A battle for preservation is an expression I hear, but I have learned first hand how often there are winners and losers in the efforts to save buildings.
Sundance Film Festival is a time our area fills with interesting people. In addition to seeing the films and the discussions that follow, one of my favorite things about the yearly event is casual conversation with strangers. It just starts with questions like, “What have you seen that is interesting? Or, Have you just arrived?” Soon there are stories.
As someone who has lived at high elevations along the Wasatch Back off and on since 1968, I am very concerned about no snow. For once, I was ready. I pruned, I cleaned out rain gutters, I put the snow shovels by the door, I bought ice melt, and still there is no snow.
I’m a guy who prefers things a little over the top, and therefore, I adore the holidays. Moderation gets set aside with the sweets, snacks, parties, music, and, of course, decorations.
As a reminder of the beautiful autumn we enjoyed this year, this week I'm featuring a home we photographed on a slightly nippy and breezy day this October. Looking at the seclusion of the lot and the privacy of the home, I wonder how many of you are able to guess the location.
Nothing looks more natural in open country than a cluster of farm buildings. There’s an honesty and direct practicality about farmhouses, barns, and rural out buildings and a tradition that makes them comfortable to our senses.

Rooms With A Hue

Want to bring your home's neutral palette to life? Give it a shot of color. Designers across Utah are using a lively hues to give their clients' rooms a fresh new look and vibrant vibe.