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Four Fall Squash Recipes

Acorn squash is so rewarding to work with—not only does it taste great, but its sweet nuttiness is perfect as a flavor base for a variety of tasty stuffing. Plus, presentation is no-brainer stunning.
There's a whole lotta of love in the air this week. As much as we adore frilly flowers and crave dark chocolate, we're rolling out the red Valentine's Day carpet for our love of mid-century modern architecture in Utah. Last week, the MCM advocates of Salt Lake Modern "heart bombed"...

What's New?

We editors love our catch phrases, and it seems many of us wait all year long to tag our magazine covers with bold headlines reading “New Year, New Look, New You” or some version thereof.

Nut Case

Call it going a little nuts. This time of year, we’re crazy about the earthy richness and crunchy texture nuts bring to this season's foods­—sweet and savory, simple and sublime.

Nut Jobs

Restaurants shell out a variety of nut-infused dishes guaranteed to satisfy your autumn-inspired appetite.

5 Tricks for Pine Nuts

Pine nuts or pignolas—common in Mediterranean and Native American food cultures—come from pine trees, but only a few species of pine produce edible nuts.

Be Jeweled

Rich saturated colors are called jewel tones for a reason. They’re luxe, glamorous and pair brilliantly with shimmering metals.

Hide & Chic

Talk about staying power! Hair-on-hide continues to be a high-style way to add drama and texture to a room – and it's not just for floors.
Mixing modern and mountain styles, interior designer Heather Humphrey elevates a Deer Valley home’s décor.
Celebrity collections offer many ways to add luxury to your rooms, reflect your personal style and create a high-fashion look and feel throughout your home. But, did you know there’s a right way to incorporate them into your home?