Artist Jane Kim perches atop a ladder as she leans into a large outdoor wall she is transforming with an expansive mural of boldly colored monarch wings and their graphic black and white spots. The result is “Monarch in Moda,” a striking piece of public art that spans more than 2,000 square feet on the exterior  of The Monarch, a new artistic hub housed in a reimagined 1920’s industrial parking garage located in Ogden’s Nine Rails Creative District.

butterfly mural
Image c/o Carbon Architects

Kim’s op art-inspired creation is part of the Migrating Mural project, a series of public artworks by Ink Dwell that showcase wildlife along migration corridors. This particular campaign highlights the monarch butterfly, and this spectacular mural is one of three Monarch Migrating Murals in Ogden. This work was also the first project of the 01Arts/Walls initiative which is committed to connecting artists and Ogden neighborhoods. 

The Monarch, 451-499 25th St., Ogden,

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.