“It’s like creating a story of memories,” says Tessa Barton. She and husband Cole Herrmann designed the Tezza Collage Kits, curated collections of their original photographs produced for instant installation. Utah-born Barton is a photographer, musician, entrepreneur and creative influencer who enjoys a loyal following of fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts. Count us among them. We recently chatted with Barton about her captivating collages. 

Photo by Tessa Barton.

On Inspiration 

“I grew up loving fashion and pulled pages from magazines that inspired me. Then I taped them to my wall,” Barton says. Years later, she and Cole did the same with their own work. “We had a tiny apartment in New York City and had limited ways to make it cute on a budget, so we started hanging our photos on our wall in a constantly evolving collage,” she recalls. Barton shared the gallery with followers and fans. They wanted the same style for their own rooms, so Tessa and Cole curated a kit of high-quality prints and began selling them online. 

On Evolving 

“We curate images that make people feel like they are somewhere that they want to be,” Barton explains. The couple began with the original City Kit and then moved to creating “more specific vibes,” including the Coastal collection featuring drool-worthy shots of the Amalfi Coast and other “moments” and phrases. Other offerings include an ethereal Dream Kit, a sketch-focused Tezza x Charles Barton Kit and a chic new Creamy Kit. “I’m always thinking about what would I want to hang and look at in my own rooms.”

On Arranging

“We’ve done it all,” Barton says, from lining them up in grids to overlapping them in free-form shapes, arranging them from light to dark, and creating multiples of small groupings. “Be creative,” Barton suggests. “They are works of curated art that can be arranged to look and feel like you created them yourself.” 

Photo by Malissa Mabey. The Coastal Collection by Tezza

If a spontaneous, casually collected style is your goal, consider a layered collage. This bedroom belongs to two teenage girls who love the look and feel of the Tezza Collage Kit installed by John Martine Studio designers Brynne Flowers and Parker Lamborn. “The girls love the blues and corals, so we toned the room’s color scheme down a bit with softer tones that aren’t too on the nose,” Lamborn says. The designers used two kits to fill the wall and arranged the pieces to flow upward to meet a ladder that leads to a loft space above. “This product is great.” Flowers says. “It is an intense selection that is already curated for you.”  

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.