For many of us, Thanksgiving is going to look a little different this year. Maybe you’re limiting the guest list, eschewing a big family gathering and only including members of your immediate household. Or maybe you’ve opted for takeout from your favorite neighborhood eatery instead of traditional home-cooked fare. (We’ve rounded up a helpful list of local restaurants offering Thanksgiving options.) No matter what your holiday looks like, little details can make a big difference in making the celebration feel special. Personalized place cards are a perfect addition to an intimate Thanksgiving dinner—they make every person at the table feel special, and with a small guest list, it doesn’t require too much work to create something beautiful. Here are some inspiring ideas to get you started:

Sarah Winward, a Salt-Lake based florist and designer, shares three simple, stylish ways to personalize place settings.

Photo by Adam Finkle

Scribe guests’ names on dried magnolia leaves and pair with whole fruit for an organic autumnal look.

Photo by Adam Finkle

Tie and tag each napkin with a supple twig or length of ribbon to create a warm welcome for a Thanksgiving feast.

Photo by Adam Finkle

Place a personalized card between the lines of each setting’s fork.

Matt Dickamore, Vice President of Design at Denton House, knows how to deliver eye-catching details for fall entertaining.

Photo by Adam Finkle

Even small things like a homemade guest-room notepad can help celebrate the holiday. Ask each guest to write a message in the book, creating a personalized memento and giving each person time to reflect on what they’re grateful for.

Photo by Adam Finkle

Cloth napkins and napkin rings are a formal yet fun pairing for place cards—and a great way to dress up outdoor tabletops. 

Place cards, Michelle Leo Events, Aqua and gray plate
Photo by Megan Robinson

Place settings by event planning pro Michelle Cousins emphasize an unexpected palette of aqua and gray.

Party favor, Personalized git boxes, Michelle Leo Events
Photo by Alixann Loosle

Why not prepare small gifts with adorable tags to end the night on a sweet note? She suggests serving an edible takeaway as a party favor “Something small and special that isn’t leftover from the meal,” she says. “Personalized place cards also make fun favors.”

Photo by Heather Nan

Menu cards can also be a fun way to announce the dinner. “Menu cards make a meal feel more special and are great conversation starters,” Cousins observes.

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