With her bold, unabashed style and unique blend of humor, spontaneity and compassion, Ellen DeGeneres has danced her way into the hearts of millions of TV viewers worldwide, wearing her signature sneakers, of course.
Now, thanks to the ED Ellen DeGeneres Home Collection by Thomasville Furniture, fans can incorporate Ellen’s unique personality and style into their homes, as well. “We are extremely excited to present ED by Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Thomasville,” said Chris Ross, owner of Thomasville Utah. “This collaboration has resulted in a smart, stylish furniture collection for the entire home, inspired by Ellen’s own iconic style and personality.”
Thomasville Furniture has crafted more than 100 pieces specially curated to furnish Ellen’s personal homes. And, like the widespread appeal of Ellen herself, the collection will resonate with younger and older audiences, alike. Known for its high quality craftsmanship, and the timeless feel of its pieces, Thomasville Furniture prides itself in allowing people to tell their story and express themselves through the furnishings in their home, making this collaboration a natural fit.
The collection features items in two distinct styles, Relaxed Mid Century and Rustic Modern, inspired by Ellen’s love of interior design and architecture. Each piece is a reflection of Ellen’s unique style, designed with the intention of creating a personal connection between Ellen and her fans. “Ellen has a way of connecting with people like few others can,” Ross added. “This collection embodies her happy, stylish nature, and gives people a way to communicate that same sense of comfort, style, and welcoming nature.” Ellen puts her mark on furniture design at a time when trends are shifting to incorporate form, function, and comfort. And, as she has already done with shoes, apparel, accessories, and just about everything else she touches, Ellen acts as the perfect ambassador to the changing culture.
As her fans know well, Ellen has never been one to let style get in the way of comfort. While visiting with guests, she sits relaxed in her chair, kicks up her shoes on the furniture, and uses her surroundings as a way to communicate her style and personality. That style has a way of relaxing her guests, making them feel comfortable and at home – right up until the moment a giant clown pops out from behind the love seat, scaring them silly, that is.
Absent the scary clown, the same can be said of Ellen’s new furniture collection. Like Ellen, ED by Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Thomasville is a smart blend of style and comfort. It embodies the way she presents herself and lives her life – hip, yet comfortable; cool, but not overly confident. Most importantly, Ellen’s style is all her own.
“Ellen DeGeneres is the perfect person to inspire and champion a furniture collection,” Ross said. “Today’s customers demand comfort, style, and quality. This collection embodies all those traits in a style that is unique and undeniably ‘Ellen.’” ED by Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Thomasville launches this spring at Thomasville Furniture.

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