If you covet a classic, high-style look for your home, here’s a few words to commit to memory: luxury, quality, and timeless design. We surround ourselves with things that help us define a personal style, among these are the furnishings used to add comfort and style to our spaces. In order to create a personalized décor with a look and appeal that will last for years, you have to carefully choose the right pieces and combination of design elements. We present these examples of classic, compelling living spaces to help you make those choices along as well as offer ideas and inspiration for creating timeless, dazzling rooms of your own.

Creating a neutral, single-color palette for a room is an easy way to instill a timeless sense of serenity and elegance into a space. This living room  is comprised of soothing shades of white and ecru  that work together to calm the room while subtle pops of wood, chrome and texture animate it. The key to achieving a monochromatic look comes from the lack of loud patterns or colors. This design approach allows the unique mix of shapes and styles of furnishings to standout as they aren’t competing with bold colors or  distracting patterns.

Image courtesy: Thomasville

If you want the lines and finishes of your furnishings to stand out, create a neutral backdrop to make them pop.  This stunning panel-backed wood canopy bed makes a bold statement of architecture when played against white walls and dressed in lux, yet understated bedding. The bed’s frame allows light to move through its open form, filling the room  with character without adding light-blocking bulk and bullying heft. The room’s  wood furnishings are contemporary and classic and the style is unmistakably luxurious.

Image courtesy: Thomasville

To create a look that’s both timeless and compelling, mix your materials. This dining room exhibits beautifully upholstered wood chairs surrounding a striking table featuring a surprising pair of sleek metal bases. The table’s wood top gives visual weight to the space while the modern forms of the chairs and table bases elevate the room’s timeless yet oh-so-current style.

Image courtesy: Thomasville

Even the most subdued and understated décors benefit from a punch of pattern. A carefully chosen fabric can accentuate the form of a furniture piece while adding movement to a room. The upholstered barstools are winners on their own, but when dressed with the tone-on-tone patterned fabric, they become a key element in creating a light-filled, luxury kitchen.

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