Clear Winners: Transparent Home Accessories to Brighten Your Rooms

Looking for a way to brighten and lighten your rooms? Aren’t we all. This Park City home offers plenty of inspiring decorating ideas with transparent home accessories, courtesy of LMK Interior Design. 

Photos by Lucy Call

We’ve been seeing a lot transparent home accessories lately, like these clear-as-day lamp bases and we couldn’t be happier. Just look what happened when the pros at LMK placed these handsome crystal-and-concrete Milling Road lamps in front of a window. Light and views flow straight through. Stunning!

Pass on heavy, light-obstructing chandeliers and pendants. Crystal, glass and acrylic versions provide sculptural forms sans the visual weight of bulky wood and iron options. Custom chandelier by Fine Art Lamps. 

This spectacularly accessorized console shimmers with colored glass vases, an acrylic display block and a mirrored tray. They all enliven the display and add sparkle and lightness to the collection of objects. 

Transparent objects and glassware balance out the visual weight of metal and ceramic pieces in open shelves. 

Sure they can be a little more work to keep clean, but glass shower enclosures are clearly beautiful and work absolute magic at making a space look and feel larger. 

Even semi-transparent accessories are a fantastic way to deliver form and substance to a display without adding solid mass. 

If your stairway feels cramped and dark, then consider choosing glass railing. Just look what it does to open up this light-filled space. 

Sometimes pendants can make a low ceiling look and feel lower. They can also block your eye from moving into the space. Transparent versions like this kitchen’s pieces by Fine Art Lamps can eliminate the unwanted bulk and distraction while adding style and sparkle.

See more of this home from LMK Design here.

Design: LMK Interior Design | @lmkinteriordesign
Photos: Lucy Call | @lucycall

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.