During the past few years, passementerie (aka trim) has been rejected by many tastemakers as a preference for less-is-more decorating that has ruled our roosts. But times and tastes have changed. Today’s love for fresh traditional, unbridled maximalist and layered modern styles has given this centuries-old decorative detail a robust reboot. Satisfying our craving for color, design pros are choosing vibrant and innovative trims, tapes, fringes and tassels to give bespoke décors—indoors and out—that perfect finishing touch. Think of it as their ace in the hole, as they use trim to customize everything from pillows and draperies to lampshades, bedding, furnishings and walls. The following passementerie-packed pages may inspire you to do the same. 

Photo courtesy of Samuel & Sons


This fun Duck Feet lamp by Porta Romana deserved more than a ho-hum shade. Layers of Chevallerie Brush Fringe wrap the whimsical shade crowned with Aria Silk Brush Fringe. Both fringes are from Samuel & Sons

Photo courtesy of Thibaut


Why suffer a plain tablecloth when patterned tape can transform it, defining the cloth’s angles, lines and shape? Cobble Hill tape by Thibaut does exactly that for this Kelly green table cloth.  

Photo courtesy of Thibaut


Even the most beautiful blinds can benefit from a touch of trim that elevates their style and makes the view from inside even better. Fresh navy-and-white Cobble Hill tape creates crisp vertical lines on these floral-patterned blinds. Trim and fabric by Thibaut.

Photo courtesy of Clarence House


Clever designers use trims of all kinds to give cushions and pillows a special, customized look. Here, contrasting cord and strips of Clarence House’s Maui border accent the pillow’s center. Oahu border frames the cushion below. 

Photo courtesy of Mokum


Whether used to create faux crown molding or to edge a wall treatment below, decorative trim can make a surprising statement when applied directly to a wall. Here, Mokum’s multi-colored ribbon features an embroidered Arabic star tile that complements the bold wall treatment beneath it. 

Photo courtesy of Thibaut


Many designers rely on decorative trim to accent the leading edge of draperies, but it also works its magic when used as an inset border, adding a graphic element to the fabric panel. Thibaut’s Cobble Hill tape makes a bold pattern-on-pattern statement when paired with a traditional toile. 

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.