Trout Chowder recipe
Chef Matthew Safranek and Mary Brown Malouf

In the waning months of Utah’s winter season, the gloomy days can become wearing. Luckily, Chef Matthew Safranek of Park City restaurant 350 Main is sharing a trout chowder recipe that’s proven to boost moods and warm the soul.

“This recipe is about as pared down as I can get it without some of the measurements being wonky, but it’s chowdah so why are you making a small batch anyway? We serve it with house-made furikake crackers and lots of scallions. Chives would be welcome, as would oyster crackers or plain old saltines.”

Smoked Trout Chowder


1/2 lb. bonito
1 8”x8” sheets kombu
25 smoked trout skins
1.5 gallons water


3/4 cups lard
3/4 cups duck fat
3 1/3 cups flour


1/4 cup lard
1/4 cup duck fat
1 bunch thyme, chopped
3 Tbsp. chopped garlic
1 Tbsp. cup ground white pepper
5 large white onions, diced small
1 lb. diced celery
1 lb. diced daikon
1 cups miso paste
25 smoked trout, ground lightly
3 quarts half and half


Make a broth Dashi broth with the bonito flakes, kombu, trout skins, and water.
Make a roux with the 1st quantities of lard and duck fat, and the flour.
Heat up the second quantities of lard and duck fat and cook the guts until soft and translucent.
Bring the dashi and half and half to a boil with the roux while running an immersion blender.  Alternatively, slowly add the dashi 1 quart at a time while whisking furiously.
Whisk in the substance, miso, and ground trout.  bring to 185 degrees for 30 seconds

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