See ya, predictable floral prints. This year, realistic renderings are losing ground to more abstract floral trends and takes on garden-inspired designs. Think loose scatterings of obscured leaves, brush-stroked silhouettes of shadowy blooms and overlapping forms of petal-shaped daubs. These perfectly imperfect patterns are naturals when paired with today’s trends in rich woods, veined stones and free-form ceramics.


Realistic and Precise


 Artsy and Abstract Floral Trends

1. Velvet pillow,

$185, Glass House, SLC

2. Wisteria lampshade,

from $99, bluebellgray

3. Oyster Collection salad plate,

$95, ABC Carpet & Home

4. Miro vase,

$343, Dunker Beal Interior Design, SLC

5. AVA Mercury pedestal,

$65, Jayson Home

Fabrics and wallpaper

(featured image): Delphiniums Grape by Sanderson.  Mille-Feuille by Christopher Farr Cloth. Wisteria Falls Mineral by Zoffany. Rhodera Grape by Zoffany. Standing Ovation by Harlequin. Rose Mint by Zoffany, all to the trade, John Brooks Inc., SLC
Want to see more on updating your patterns for the new season? Check this out.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.