Things are heating up in Utah spaces furnished with two-sided fireplaces. As proven by the following photos, these flaming features not only deliver warmth and a cozy ambiance to two rooms at once, but they also add undeniable style that you and yours can warm to, indoors and out.

Combed limestone panels detail a Park City home‘s monolithic, two-sided fireplace. The towering feature separates the main living and dining areas, and its large opening allows generous views into each room from the other. Stone orbs stand in for traditional logs, delivering a decidedly modern touch. (Design by Kristin Rocke. Photos by Scot Zimmerman)

This mountain vacation home’s modern fireplace is crafted from hot rolled steel. The fireplace wall effectively separates the entry and living areas while allowing light and space to flow through its open end, top and sides. (Design and photos courtesy by Imbue Design)

A two-sided fireplace anchors the patio of an Olympus Cove home remodeled by designer/architect Ron Godwin. Not only does the fire feature warm two patios, but it also helps to support a large deck above. (Photos by Kyle Aiken)

In Park City, a clean-lined fireplace is clad in cementitious plaster and is centrally positioned between the home’s dining and living room areas. Flames rise from smooth river rock, accentuating the interior’s modern, natural style. (Design by Rowland + Broughton. Photos by Alan Wilbur)

A ribbon of fire flickers in a raised firebox shared by a chic bedroom and bathroom designed by Anne-Marie Barton. Stone and bronze detail clads the bedroom side while a beveled brass frame and metallic-detailed wallpaper by Rubelli dresses the bathroom’s fireplace wall. (Photos by Scot Zimmerman)

Two-Sided Fireplaces
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

In modern style, photographer Slim Aaron’s “Poolside Glamour” hangs above a deep, two-side fireplace that connects a Salt Lake City home’s front room to a more casual living room space.

Two-Sided Fireplaces
Photos by Scot Zimmerman

Flames dance on glass inside a fireplace opened on three sides to a chic Salt Lake City condominium designed by Karen Butera. The fireplace separates the living and dining areas while leaving spacious views open between the spaces.

Surrounded by windows, a two-sided fireplace connects the primary bedroom with a private patio in a Park City home. (Design by LMK Interiors. Photos by Scot Zimmerman)

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Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.