Do you need a last minute dish that will wow everyone at a pool party? You can’t go wrong with recipes featuring watermelon, everyone’s favorite summer fruit. This eye-catching twist on a charcuterie board is delicious and easy to make—plus its color palette is a patriotic red, white and blue.

Let watermelon be the star of the show with these pretty and tasty recipes.


½ medium watermelon, cut into a combination of wedges and cubes
½ cup raspberries
1 ½ cups blueberries
5 ounces goat cheese
½ cup toasted salted cashews
2 ounces various cured meat, like prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, salami, soppressata, sausage or pepperoni
1 honeycrisp apple cored and sliced
Lemon juice
Fresh basil


Arrange the ingredients on a large board or platter. Drizzle all the fruit with lemon juice. Garnish with a few basil leaves. Serve and enjoy!

Watermelon Granita
Cups of refreshing homemade watermelon granita with mint.

If you can’t get enough watermelon, we have a whole barbecue’s worth of mouthwatering watermelon recipes. Try cooling down with this watermelon granita recipe. It takes just three easy steps to serve this refreshing semi-frozen treat. 

Sweet Watermelon Pizza
Watermelon pizza topped with shredded coconut, chopped mint, mixed fresh berries, greek yogurt and slivered almonds.

These watermelon pizzas can be a light dessert topped with greek yogurt, slivered almonds and shredded coconut. Or, transform this sweet fruit into a savory snack with goat cheese, prosciutto and balsamic glaze. 

Savory Watermelon Pizza
Watermelon pizza topped with goat cheese, arugula, prosciutto and drizzles of balsamic glaze.

If you’re firing up the grill, don’t leave it at burgers and dogs. Toss on some sliced watermelon, pair it with a kale salad and serve your guests a unique, healthy dish.

Grilled Watermelon and Kale Salad
Sweet and smoky grilled watermelon balances nutrient-dense and bitter kale, topped with a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and honey.

If you don’t have much time to prepare an appetizer, have everyone do the work for you. Bring cheese, meat, veggies and fruits for guests to make their own skewers. Build-your-own-skewers are perfect for large groups—plus, they’re an easy way to experiment with unexpected flavor combinations, like fresh watermelon and boiled shrimp.

Watermelon swekers
Skewers pictured (top to bottom): Grape, blue cheese, dried fig; Watermelon chunk, boiled shrimp; Basil leaf, black olive, Creminelli salame; Grape tomato, basil leaf, bocconcini: Apple chunks, ham cube; Prosciutto, canteloupe; Bocconcini, black olive, basil leaf, bacon; Clementine sections, chocolate truffle

For something to drink, try this pair of cocktails—one for the day and one for the night—featuring watermelon gastrique, a syrup of caramelized sugar, vinegar and fruit. 

Watermelon Gastrique Cocktails
These summery cocktails combine watermelon gastrique with St. Germaine, Wahaka Mezcal and local Beehive vodka.
Watermelon Gastrique Cocktails
A cocktail gastrique calls for caramelizing the sugar, then adding vinegar and fruit. This version comes from Park City’s Silver Star Cafe.

With a little creative thinking, watermelon can be the star of the show in all kinds of perfect summer dishes. Have fun and stay safe this Fourth of July!

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