Shop The Look

Fireside seating takes many forms, shapely garden benches included.
Timeless yet so-on-trend, stripes are lining up as the season's must-have pattern for stylish summer spaces, indoors and out.
As proven by a new crop of stylish legs, pedestals and bases, some of the most delightful surprises take place under the table.
Animal-inspired accents and accessories give mountain style a shot of glam. They show up in luxed-out faux and natural materials, delivering texture and interest to even the most modest lodge. Acrylic antlers, $253 each; Phylum Design gold-gilded bison skull, $715; faux gold horn, $215; sheep hides, starting at $95 sq/ft; sheep skin wool...
Dish up today's bright, trendy colors with the latest go-to gadgets for your kitchen. These days, we can’t seem to get enough color in our homes, and nowhere is it served up with more flavor than in today’s high-style kitchen. Click the images below for more information      ...

Desk Trends

Library to lounge, master suite to study, today’s desks work beautifully in rooms throughout the home.
Hoops. Halos. Bands. By any name, rings will encircle your rooms in high-style.

Got the Blues

Shots off blue create continuity and a cool, fresh attitude in this chic Park City home. What might they do for yours?
Straight from the ‘70s, eco-friendly grasscloth is back and better than ever. Natural fibers, including jute, sisal, sea grass and bamboo, are intricately woven into an array of wallpapers, delivering healthy doses of depth and dimension. Today’s overprinting adds bold graphic patterns, metallic coatings impart a glamorous vibe and...
Forget sharp corners and hard angles. Round cocktail tables add fluidity and style to most any setting.