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Toast Masters

Trust us: It isn't just a sidekick for bacon and eggs anymore. Toast now enjoys status as a stand-alone, crisped-up base for toppings of all types.

Navy, Now and Forever

If you're looking for a color that exudes equal parts cool and classic, you just found it.
Creative chefs are putting the humble root—naturally sweet, beautifully colorful and fantastically inexpensive—into the spotlight. Carrots are ready for their close-up.

Take the Plunge

Want to transform your bathroom into a style-soaked sanctuary? Two words: freestanding tub.
In Park City, an unabashedly function-forward kitchen melds industrial and modern design elements with inspiring results.

Surefire Style

Design pros across Utah spark big style with ten fireplaces ranging from fresh traditional to cutting-edge modern.

Mushroom Mania

Our craving for these flavorful fungi has made hunting, gathering and dining on mushrooms a modern-day pastime.
From Navajo patterns to fringed suede and every shearling hide between, today’s runways and rooms strut a mountain style that’s equal parts rustic and refined.

French Quarters

In Utah Valley, designer Don Brady infuses a new home with stunning antiques, timeless treatments and Old World flair.
In Deer Valley, Dennis and Elke Levine conjure a modern vision of mountain style, captivating with clean lines, bold architecture and stunning views.