Outdoor Living

Patios and other outdoor living spaces aren't just made to be enjoyed when the sun is up. We turned to some of our favorite designers for out of the box landscape lighting ideas that can brighten any outdoor space long after sunset. 1. Waterfall Lighting by Tri-City Construction Dan and Heidi...
Photos by Alan and Whitney Wilbur Mountain pasture or city garden. Suburban lot or sprawling estate. Regardless of a project's location, size, style or budget, landscape designer Jayson King begins with two key considerations: the site and the client. Respect the former and satisfy the latter, and success is a...
Hotter than ever, fire features and their innovative creators are transforming backyards into outdoor retreats across Utah. What better way to savor summer evenings than by relaxing with friends and family in front of a fire’s glow?
Welcoming us into his blissful backyard, landscape designer Rob McFarland offers advice for creating a city garden that’s as compelling a

Making Change

Designer Jayson King transforms a Park City property, front to back and every space in between.
Chef and author Marguerite Henderson invites us into her garden, offering tips for hosting an outdoor midday soirée.
Design pro Jayson King transforms a lackluster landscape into a modern outdoor retreat for his Millcreek clients
Event producer Doug Smith transforms his small patio into a multi-level retreat with open-air living spaces as stylish and inviting as any indoors.
Cool water features make a big splash in landscapes across Utah.
Petite Feast's Victoria Topham discusses the summer fare she stylishly creates at home an for her in-home clients alike.