Party Pointers

Lessons learned from a fabulous outdoor fete

Summer Side Up

Easy-to-make upside-down cake gets a fresh, seasonal spin courtesy of Utah's summer bounty.

Local Burger Kings

Lettuce and tomato? Meh. Bite into something royally different.
Local ingredients and hands-on crafting make chefs’ burgers top in Utah eateries and backyards alike.

Melon Mania

First course, light lunch, breakfast or intermezzo–there’s no better hot-weather fare than cool, ripe cantaloupe. It’s a sweet, summertime favorite no matter how you slice it.

Market Report

A well-executed trip to the farmers market can yield high returns. Romina Rasmussen offers a few tips.

Market to Menu

For Les Madeleines’ Romina Rasmussen, throwing a summertime dinner party begins with a visit to the Farmers Market
Peaches? Yes please.
Satisfy your guests' taste buds with a light spring dessert.

Pick Up Sticks

Springtime opens the door to easy entertaining, fresh foods and full-on flavor combinations. All you need are skewers and a venturesome palate to create the season’s go-to appetizer.