No, it’s not cocoa. It’s drinking chocolate, and for those who like to indulge, it doesn’t get any better than this. 

Wow! That’s what most people say when they first taste drinking chocolate. If you’re expecting the usual mild chocolate flavor of cocoa, the intensity of European-style drinking chocolate comes as an extraordinarily delicious surprise. Cocoa is made with cocoa powder, the leftovers from the chocolate-making process; it has little cocoa butter. Drinking chocolate, on the other hand, is actual chocolate usually sold in disks, pellets or shreds. Simply add it to hot milk and the chocolate melts. You are literally drinking chocolate. Locally, Solstice and The Chocolate Conspiracy both make drinking chocolate; there are also many imported ones available at Caputo’s Market, Liberty Heights Fresh and Harmons.


• Top with whipped cream

• Flavor with cinnamon or pure chile powder—or both

• Add a slug of espresso

• Stir in a drop of Mexican vanilla

• Garnish with a peppermint stick

• Crown with a marshmallow (or two)

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