Decorating with wallpaper is a savvy, space-changing move. As designer Lindsey Treasure says, this transformative tool opens itself, and our rooms, to a wide range of chic, creative ideas. Ready to be inspired?  Wallpaper can completely transform a space,” says Lindsey Treasure, designer with...
Hummingbirds seem to be flitting about everywhere, delivering whimsy and wonder to rooms and gardens alike. Why not make them at home in yours? FLIGHTS OF FANCY Harlequin’s Harlequin’s contemporary take on botanical etchings creates a...
Like most, I grew up with the stories of the mist-shrouded peak in Greece that is home to the gods in Greek mythology, Mount Olympus, with the marble halls and gold thrones where the gods would meet and hatch up their plans of intrigue.
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We editors love our catch phrases, and it seems many of us wait all year long to tag our magazine covers with bold headlines reading “New Year, New Look, New You” or some version thereof.
New this year, Pumpkin Nights is Salt Lake City's latest Halloween attraction.
"It’s not rocket science.” So say modest designers when I ask them how they create the amazing spaces we feature in our pages. They’re right, design isn’t a science—and it’s a good thing it isn’t. If it were, formulas would rule, and our rooms would all look the same. Décors by Stephen Hawking—who wants that? From where I stand, the most engaging spaces are unique, reflect their owners and have willful personalities of their own.
Design magazines are like beautiful gardens. They’re quiet, inspiring and you can experience them in your own time, at your own pace. Plus they’re always presenting what’s fresh and new. Maybe that’s why I enjoy creating them both as much as I do. In fact, if I weren’t an editor, I could easily see myself digging into garden design for a living.
Leaf through the magazine and see what ideas take root and inspire you to grow into personal projects. We showcase some of the most unique and memorable homes and interiors from across the state, but we also spill eagerly outside to cover outdoor spaces that are equally compelling.
Kellie Jackstien celebrates spring’s arrival with stunning arrangements profuse with vibrant colors, fresh blooms and lively design.