Decorating with wallpaper is a savvy, space-changing move. As designer Lindsey Treasure says, this transformative tool opens itself, and our rooms, to a wide range of chic, creative ideas. Ready to be inspired? 

Wallpaper can completely transform a space,” says Lindsey Treasure, designer with Alder & Tweed. “It offers endless opportunities for creating the impact you want, large or small.” And for her Montana clients who craved pops of texture and color for their Big Sky vacation home, it delivered. The goal, Treasure explains, was to give each room a unique look while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout the décor. Inspired by the home’s scenic locale and its owners’ fun-loving style, Treasure chose  unique wallpapers and used them in assorted ways to make the most of each space, and as a result, the entire home.

Wallpaper offers endless opportunities for creating the impact you want.” —Lindsey Treasure, designer with Alder & Tweed


“I wanted to create a wow without taking away from the views,” says Treasure, who dressed this soaring bedroom ceiling with a textured wallpaper that spans the overhead surface and accentuates its pitched angles and beams. “The paper stylistically mimics the blue and white of the sky,” she adds. “It helps to bring the outside in.”  

Phillip Jeffries SkyScapes Navy Stream


“It’s like an art piece,” says Treasure, describing a colorful, graphic mural that spans the rec room’s wide wall. “It’s not a fit for every room or every client, but it creates a fantastic focal wall here.” Treasure used the mural’s colors, lines and texture to guide her choice of vibrant furnishings and accents for the room. 

Elitis Perles Parade de Samba


“This paper adds depth and a bit of drama,” says Treasure, who backed the living room’s built-in shelves with a wood-veneer, chevron-patterned wallcovering. “It’s subtle in texture and pattern, so it doesn’t compete with the accessories, and it pulls in the room’s rich blue tones.”

Phillip Jeffries St. Barts Serenity in Faded Shadow


“This entry sets the tone for the rest of the house,” Treasure says. She chose a highly textured paper to give the small space a pop of color and organic style that repeats throughout the décor. 

Omexco Kami-ITO Kam 104


Some wallpapers can be too much for an entire room, so Treasure uses them to dress single accent walls. Case in point: this faux wood vinyl adds instant character and warmth to a handsome guest room suite.

Thibaut Eastwood Smoke


“The trick to making a monochromatic space interesting is to add texture,” says Treasure, who chose a subtly patterned, texture-rich paper to dress this bedroom’s accent wall. 

Omexco Collages COL 1020


Wallpaper works magic in most any space, even small ones. Treasure completely covered the walls of this compact, light-filled office with a dark, menswear plaid. “The pattern and colors actually expand the space visually and make if feel cozier,” she says.

Phillip Jeffries Savile Suiting Plaid White on Antique

Photos by Rochelle Jahdi

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